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Family Thinks Truck Was Totaled By Vandals Because Of Pro-Police Message (Video)

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A family’s truck was totaled by vandals after they wrote a pro-police message on it in honor of slain officers (video below). 

Jason Lattin, an 18-year-old Texas resident, said he and his family decided to decorate their truck with blue ribbons in support of police.

“We heard about all the fallen officers for the month and (slain Deputy Darren) Goforth's funeral and Back the Blue Day, and we wanted to support that,” Jason, who is aspiring to become a police officer, said. 

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“They need support so they can feel what they do, putting their lives on the line every day, is worth it,” his father, Scott Lattin, added.

On Sept. 8, the family found the truck completely destroyed on the inside and vandalized with spray paint on the outside.

“They tore off our glove box,” Jason said. “They took our laptop, our scanner and ripped our seats.” The truck, which is the family’s only means of transportation, had $5,000 worth of damage to it. Spray painted on the outside were obscenities and sayings that included “Black lives matter,” reports Fox 4 News.

“These residents are police supporters and they shouldn't be chastised,” Whitney, Texas, Police Officer Chris Chadwick said. Chadwick said he believes kids were responsible for the vandalism. 

“Engage me in a dialog,” Scott said.

“Don't destroy my stuff; it's the only truck we have and because of this, it’s totaled now … I firmly believe black lives matter, white lives matter, police lives matter. Yes, absolutely.”

Sources: Fox 4 News, YouTube / Photo credit: Screenshot via Fox 4 News


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