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Family's Stolen Car Returned - But With A Big Bonus

A family in Texas received quite a surprise when its stolen SUV was returned with repairs.

The silver 2004 Dodge Durango belonged to Shane Peters. It reportedly had several problems, including deer damage, a missing window, as well as an engine that required tools to start it instead of keys.

Peters lost the vehicle when it broke down in Cleveland, Texas,  in June.

When he couldn’t afford a tow truck, Shane left the vehicle near the road until he could find a way to transport it. It wasn’t long until somebody came along and stole the car.

On July 12, Shane’s wife Chelsea was on her way to the grocery store with her grandmother when she spotted the family’s Durango leaving an Exxon gas station. She says she recognized its dents.

"I was shocked," she told KHOU. "Shock was all I could feel. You don't expect to get something back that's been gone for a month."

They called the police and were soon pursuing the vehicle. Eventually, authorities were able to get the Durango back. When Chelsea got to it, she noticed a few repairs had been made.

"(The thief) did fix what was wrong with it and why it was left on the side of the road," said Chelsea.

The car thief fixed the vehicle’s drive shaft and even put on three new wheels. Police also discovered someone had left bags of meth in the center console.

“There were like 30 little, bitty baggies,” said Chelsea.

Source: KHOUWROK / Photo credit: Screenshot via KHOU


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