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Family's Home Raided For Child Pornography Following Apparent Wi-Fi Hack

A family in Villa Rica, Georgia, received a rude awakening on the morning of July 29. "I heard bam, bam, bam," Toni Bonds told WSBTV. 

The FBI raided the home and searched it for nearly three hours, looking for child pornography, but they family says they’re innocent of any wrongdoing. “They told us somebody had hacked into our Wi-Fi or we have given a password to someone and it was about child pornography," Bonds said.

Still, the FBI seized computers, iPads, cellphones and a flash drive filled with family photos. 

“I don't understand. I'm heartbroken. I'm scared," Bonds said. “They had put letters 'A, B, C' all over my house. (I had) no clue what was going on. This went on for three hours.”

Bonds said the ordeal was “scary”  for her, her 17 year-old son, her 71-year-old mother and her 4-year-old.

"(The) FBI had already come in here, 15 (came) in with guns, yelling, ‘Everybody out,’” Bonds said. “They did have me at gunpoint for a few seconds.”

"I said, ‘My baby is in there.’ They wouldn't let me get him. They brought him to me," she added.

Bonds doesn’t know who could have used her wireless Internet connection. "I don't know if it's somebody sitting in my backyard or if it's somebody who has been in my home," Bonds said. "I have a little one here, and it's scary. You don't know what's around you (any) more.”

Though FBI agents apologized to Bonds, the investigation is ongoing and she’s not sure when she’ll get her belongings back.

Cases of pedophiles using other people’s Wi-Fi to download child pornography is not unheard of. A man in Florida faced a similar raid in 2009 before his 25-year-old neighbor was arrested for distribution of child pornography, Stuff reported.

Sources: Stuff, WSBTV / Photo credit: Tim Pierce/Flickr, Wikimedia Commons


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