Family Trapped In Their Home For Hours After Angry Fox Jumps Inside

A British family was trapped in a Canvey Island home after an angry fox jumped inside through an open window and then paced for more than four hours.

Philip Tappin and his wife were visiting their daughter’s home on Thursday when they heard their 2-year-old granddaughter Darby screaming from another room.

Tappin, 52, was shocked to see a fox had jumped inside through a downstairs window.

“My granddaughter could have been bitten,” he told the Daily Mail.

During the commotion, the fox jumped back outside but the aggressive animal was unwilling to leave the property. He paced outside for more than four hours, trapping the family inside.

Tappin says he tried to scare the fox away, but it stood its ground and he was afraid he would be bitten. When Tappin approached, the fox moved towards him, not away.

“It held me prisoner in my own property,” he said. “I went out to try to scare it away with water - it just came towards me.”

“My wife, Christine, even threw a pan of water at it. She is terrified,” he added.

Tappin says the fox looked “mangy” and may have been ill.

“I couldn't get any closer than four feet to it. What happens if it bites me? What happens if it does something else?” he asked.

He called the Castle Point Council, the RSPCA and Essex Police about the animal.

“The police told me you can't hurt an animal and I told them I don't want it to invade my property,” he said.

An RSPCA inspector eventually sedated and removed the fox from the home.

A California mother and daughter were trapped in their home last month by an angry house cat. They barricaded themselves inside a bedroom because they said every time they tried to exit the room, their cat of 14 years would become furious and attack.

“He’s just a ball of fury I guess,” neighbor Karen Yarger told RTV6.

Sources: Daily Mail, RTV6

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons / digitalprimate, Wikipedia


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