Entire Family Gets Busted For Prostitution


A woman was arrested for prostitution along with her father and mother in Nashville, Tennessee, on Monday as a result of an undercover prostitution sting.

Law enforcement officials in Nashville reportedly found an ad posted by 33-year-old Christy Huxoll on the escort section of Backpage.com. Huxoll had explicitly stated that she would perform sexual favors for money, and an undercover officer agreed to meet her at a nearby hotel. 

After Huxoll accepted $160 in exchange for 30 minutes of her sexual services, the officer arrested her. According to the Huffington Post, she was charged with prostitution, as well as an additional drug charge regarding paraphernalia that was found in the room. 

Huxoll’s mother and father became involved when they were found by police arriving at the hotel with condoms. The couple admitted that they had been bringing the condoms for their daughter to use for prostitution, and that they had rented the room to keep their daughter off the street.

Both Larry, 53, and Alff, 48, were arrested for promoting prostitution. According to WKRN, bond has been set at $10,000.


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