Alabama Family Plans To Sue Disney World Over Relative's Death, Attorney Says


An Alabama family plans to sue Disney World over a relative's death, according to their attorney.

In October 2014, the family, which consisted, in part, of an 8-year-old boy and his great-grandmother, visited the Maharajah Jungle Trek at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando. The Maharajah Jungle Trek contains several viewing areas for animals typical to regions in Asia, including fruit bats, tigers, exotic birds, and the world largest dragon, the Komodo, according to WDW Info.  

After the family entered the Royal Forest, a snake fell from a tree and bit the boy, WKMG News reports.

The boy’s great-grandmother, who was in her late 80s or early 90s, viewed the incident and suddenly had problems breathing. Her respiratory issues continued and the woman ultimately died two days later.

Although attorney Matt Morgan said he does not know if this snake escaped from a Disney World exhibit or was a wild snake, he added that Disney should have prevented the incident from happening.

"If we can prove that there is negligence on the part of Disney for allowing this snake to be on its premises and that negligence was the proximate cause and legal cause of the grandmother’s death, that would be a more significant claim," Morgan said in a news conference Jan. 29, according to WKMG News.

Disney said the boy was bitten on the finger and was treated with a bandage by a park nurse. They reported that the bite was from a wild, nonvenomous snake and that the family went back into the theme park for the remainder of the day. A park representative added that this potential lawsuit was “an utter mischaracterization of the facts."

Although the boy’s great-grandmother was elderly and in a wheelchair, Morgan said the woman was otherwise in great health.

"It is our position that the event of the snake falling on this young boy and the grandmother witnessing this event was the proximate cause of her death," Morgan said.

Sources: WKMG News, WDW Info / Photo Credit: Dis Unplugged, WikiCommons

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