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Family Stunned By How Restaurant Treated Homeless Man They Invited To Dinner

A family in Oklahoma City claims that a restaurant refused to serve the homeless man they had invited to join them for dinner.

Chris and Sarah Smith have been going to Jimmy’s Round-Up Cafe for years. After what happened on the evening of Sept. 17, they do not plan to ever return.

Sarah and Chris were meeting Sarah's mother for dinner when she encountered the homeless man outside the restaurant.

"He just, almost in tears, told her that he was hungry, and she said, 'Come eat with us,'" Sarah told KFOR.

The homeless man accepted her offer but before they could order, the owner of Jimmy’s Round-Up Cafe, Jimmy Collins, told them he would not serve the man.

"I was feeling frustrated," Sarah said. "We were trying to do something nice. She was trying to do what God led her to do, and he just cut that off. I mean, we were offering to pay for it. We weren't asking him for charity. It just made us sad."

"It was very disappointing and upsetting," Chris said.

Collins contends he has good reason to deny the man service.

"Each month, I give to the poor," Collins said, "God has directed that's the way I am to do it and not in my business."

While the Smiths do not plan to return to the restaurant, they hope one day Collins will change his views.

"We just hope that, maybe, he'll re-look at his policy on it," Chris said. "I can definitely understand not wanting people panhandling in the parking lot and stuff but, to our knowledge, that didn't happen."

For Collins, the policy remains in place to keep other customers happy.

"If some people aren't going to come, then, I can't make the income that I'm making, so my tithe will go down," Collins said. "My offering will go down, and the amount I can give to the poor each month can go down and, again, I express to your viewers, if I'm wrong, pray for me."

The Smiths gave the homeless man money to buy a meal somewhere else after they all left the restaurant together, without eating.

In order to show how homeless are treated at restaurants, Viral 4 Real shared an experiment done by Josh Paler Lin (video below).

Lin dressed up like a homeless man and tried to eat at multiple fancy restaurants. Each one of them denied him service, with one going so far as to say the owner would not approve, and another asking him if he had money. The fact that he did have money did not change their refusal to let him eat inside. 

When Lin returned the same day to one of the restaurants driving a Ferrari, it was more than welcoming.

Sources: KFORViral 4 Real / Photo credit: Jimmy's Round-up Cafe/Facebook


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