Family Demands Answers After Hostage Misty Holt-Singh Was Killed By Police Fire (Video)


The family of slain woman Misty Holt-Singh is still searching for answers from the Stockton, California Police Department on the details surrounding her death. Holt-Singh was killed by Stockton police officers while she was held hostage by bank robbers on July 16, 2014.

The incident started when three robbers took Holt-Singh and two other women hostage after they robbed a Bank of the West branch in Stockton. Holt-Singh’s daughter was forced to watch from her car as thieves dragged her mother away.

A chase ensued between the robbers and police. The two other hostages were able to jump out of the car, and both survived. Holt-Singh, though, was forced to sit inside the robber’s vehicle as the men exchanged hundreds of rounds of ammo with police.

The LA Times reports the robbers fired over 100 shots at pursuing officers. The 33 chasing officers, meanwhile, fired over 600 shots back. At least 10 of the police rounds struck Holt-Singh, killing her. Here’s what Mist-Singh’s family attorney said about the shooting.

“At least 33 officers fired at least 600 bullets with full knowledge that Misty Singh was inside the vehicle,” attorney Gregory L. Bentley said. “According to [Stockton] Police Chief Jones, at least 10 bullets struck Misty, killing her. All 10 of those bullets were fired by police officers.”

Bentley says Stockton officers broke protocol during the chase.

“With the helicopter in the air,” Bentley said, “standard pursuit protocol calls for the officers to terminate the pursuit, to pull back, to follow at a distance to allow the helicopter to identify and follow the vehicle. You do not riddle a vehicle with 600 shots by 33 people knowing there is an innocent person inside. “

Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones defends his officers handling of the chase.

“The assailants were intent on killing people, definitely police officers, on that day,” Jones told the LA Times. “Whether to stop them or not was not an option. They had to be stopped…We are looking at everything from A to Z, and we will be looking at all actions throughout the event.”

Holt-Singh’s family has not yet decided if they will file a lawsuit for her death. Bentley says the Stockton Police Department needs to reveal more details before legal action can be taken.

“The manner in which Misty’s life was taken raises serious questions and concerns,” Bentley said. “The family is hopeful, however, that the promised information, policies and procedures concerning the events of July 16 will be provided so that a fair, complete and transparent investigation can take place.”

Here, courtesy of KCRA, is footage of Bentley speaking on Holt-Singh’s death:

Sources: KCRA, LA Times


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