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British Family Confused After Receiving Text From Deceased Grandmother's Phone

For three years, a British woman texted her deceased grandmother’s phone to help her grieve, and suddenly one day, she received a reply.

Lesley Emerson was reportedly buried with her cell phone because she loved to text, and three years after her death, her granddaughter Sheri Emerson received a reply following one of her frequent texts to the phone number.

“I’m watching over you and it’s all going to get better,” the response read. “Just push through.”

22-year-old Sheri says she was in shock when she read it because she had been texting her deceased grandmother’s phone number since her death. The family initially feared she could have texted back from the grave, but as it turned out, the cell phone provider sold the deceased woman’s number, despite promising they wouldn’t, and the owner of the new number responded as a prank.

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“I felt sick when I read it. I was in shock and didn’t know what to think,” said Sheri Emerson. “Obviously we know that nan wasn’t ever going to reply to our texts.”

Emerson replied demanding that the person on the other end reveal himself or herself, and the reply they got was, “A disturbing vegetarian.”

Finally, a relative called the number and spoke to the person on the other line, who admitted that he only responded to the text because he thought he was being pranked himself.

Reports say that the cell phone company is trying to get the number back for the grieving family.

Sources: Mirror UK, NY Daily News, BBC

Photo Credit: SWNS


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