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Family Shares Memory Of Drug-Addicted Woman Following Her Overdose, Death (Photo)

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A British family released pictures of the late Leanne Johnson recently in an attempt to warn other young adults about the dangers of narcotics.

Johnson, 26, was studying hairdressing when she resorted to prostitution to fund her drug addiction. Though she had previously spent time in rehab and appeared on the Jeremy Kyle Show, she continued to use narcotics until her untimely death in September 2014.

After returning to her home in Bolton, Greater Manchester, and claiming she was attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings, Johnson was eventually found dead in her bedroom surrounded by drug paraphernalia: a syringe in an ashtray and a crack pipe.

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“We honestly thought we’d got our sister back,” Melane Gatis, Johnson’s sister, said. “I just think she succeeded in kicking her habit and then embarked on a moment of madness which cost her life.”

According to Bolton residents, Johnson had worked at a number of shops while studying in college and had an excellent upbringing, but that a man she meet at 18 got her hooked on drugs. Though she eventually split from him, Johnson’s habit only worsened. The 26-year-old reportedly smoked a rock of crack cocaine and injected six bags of heroin each day.

“She used to just disappear and go and self-destruct but she would eventually come home,” Lisa Stevenson, another of Johnson’s sisters, said. “We have tried as a family, done a detox with her, we sat with her for nearly two weeks but there wasn’t the help and support we really needed.”

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Though Johnson appeared on the Jeremy Kyle Show and participated in a 12-work rehab program run by the Perry Clayman Project, her condition worsened after she was kicked out of the program for drinking alcohol. On September 8, after falsely informing her mother she was attending a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, she returned home and was found dead a few hours later.

Tests showed traces of cocaine in Johnson’s system as well as a heroine concentration of 953mg per liter, which is well over the fatal limit.

Last Friday, the Jeremy Kyle Show aired a special edition episode honoring Johnson’s life.

Sources: Daily Mail, Mirror / Photo Credit: Cavendish Press, ITV


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