Family Seeks $1M in Damages After Police Break 16-Year-Old's Arm (Video)

A 16-year-old boy and his family have filed a lawsuit against the town of Rotterdam, New York, seeking $1 million in damages after two police officers broke the teen’s arm.

The incident was caught on camera back in October. It all started when police were called by Jacob Gocheski’s school bus driver who said that he didn’t feel he could safely transport the mentally ill student to school because of “threats that the student made in an aggressive manner.”

The bus was in the driveway of Gocheski’s home when the incident unfolded, and police can be seen on video attempting to get Gocheski off the bus. The two officers had difficulty getting him to respond, so they used physical force to pull him off the bus. Disturbingly, the officers go to place the teen’s arms behind him and wind up breaking one arm. It’s clear to see that the boy’s arm has been broken, and even sound of the bone snapping is clearly audible.

"There was clear and obvious use of excessive force," said the family’s attorney Kevin Luibrand. "They placed his arm in a position where they locked the arm and proceeded with significant force to break the arm between the shoulder blade and elbow, creating a displaced fracture." Luibrand also says that the officers threatened to “hog tie” Gocheski and “exerted enough force to snap one of the strongest bones in the human body."

Gocheski was charged with obstruction of governmental administration, but the lawsuit says that the arrest and charge were simply to cover up the fact that the officers broke the boy’s arm.

Still, Rotterdam Police Chief James Hamilton insists that the officers did nothing wrong, maintaining that they “followed department protocol and procedures."

Gocheski’s family is seeking $1 million in damages for the incident that left the teen’s arm broken.


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