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Family Searches for One-Armed Woman who Saved 4-Year-Old in Lake

A little girl nearly died after swimming in a lake outside Atlanta on Saturday but was fortunately saved by a woman who had only one arm.

Now, Caylee Brumlow's parents are searching for the woman who saved the now 4-year-old girl's life at Allatoona Lake.

Corey and Michelle Brumlow said they thanked the woman who saved her, but they would like to get in touch with her so they could properly thank her again. 

It all happened quickly when Corey realized that Caylee was no where to be seen.

"I looked up to my wife, and I signaled that I didn't see Caylee anywhere," Corey said. "As soon as we didn't see her, neither one of us wanted to admit it, but we thought the worst right then and there. We thought she had went under."

Michelle was busy tending to the couple's 9-month-old baby when Caylee wandered off.

The two began searching frantically for the girl but could not find her.

Then, they saw the girl's body being raised out of the water by a woman who was swimming to shore.

"As soon as I seen that happen, I dove out into the water as fast as I could," Corey said. "I swam out and got her, and I told the lady that that was my daughter."

Caylee spit up water on shore and became conscious. Her parents then rushed her to two hospitals before she was released.

Corey said he was able to hug the woman and say thank you, but because they were so rushed and stressed, he wants to make sure she knows how much it meant to them.

"I hope and pray to God that we can find her, but if we can't then that's just more of a sign to me that that was my daughter's guardian angel," Corey said. 

Sources: NY Daily News, KSN


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