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Buddy The 'Miracle Dog': Golden Retriever Who Fell Off Cliff Found Months Later

About a month ago, Buddy, a golden retriever owned by Denise and Charlton James of Sheffield, Alabama, was playing in a grassy area when he reportedly caught the trail of an animal and began to chase it. Unfortunately, Buddy wound up falling over the edge of a cliff.

After a search of the area, Buddy’s family believed he hadn’t survived the fall and gave up all hope of ever seeing their dog again, KCTV 5 reported. However, a fisherman found the dog on Pickwick Lake on Aug. 13 and now he’s safely back in his family’s home.

Amber Hester, alongside her husband, son and other fishermen, spotted Buddy swimming toward them but they couldn’t get close enough to grab him, so one of the fishermen lured him onto a patch of land.

Buddy was scared and injured, but after Hester posted his photo on Facebook, friends were able to identify the dog. Denise and Charlton met the fishermen to retrieve their dog from the boat dock.

"[Buddy’s] whole demeanor changed," Hester told KCTV 5. "He came straight to [Charlton] and got on the boat. When they made it back to the boat ramp and buddy saw Denise and his daughter... he was so excited."

Buddy is 30 pounds lighter since he last saw his family and will need surgery to recover from some of his injuries, but his family is happy to have him back.

"He is doing great and will have hip surgery when he gains some strength," Charlton said. "We are so happy to have him back home."

The fishermen are being hailed as heroes.

“Really they just did what any decent human being would have done,” Hester said, according to LookAt.World. “They helped a precious animal in need and therefore helped restore joy to a devastated family’s broken hearts.”

Buddy has since been dubbed "the Miracle Dog.” 

Sources: LookAt.World, KCTV5

Photo Credit: Facebook via KCTV5, LookAt.World


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