Family Restaurant Encourages Patrons To Carry Guns While Dining


While many businesses in America are hanging up signs to stop people from bringing guns into their establishment, one restaurant in Colorado is encouraging its patrons to carry weapons.

Shooters Grill in the appropriately named town of Rifle serves American-style food to its patrons and outwardly encourages its patrons to exercise their Second Amendment right to bear arms and carry openly in the restaurant.

“We encourage it, and the customers love that they can come here and express their rights,” owner Lauren Boebert said. “This country was founded on our freedom. People can come in carrying their gun, and they can pray over their food.”

Boebert says that when she and her husband Jayson were deciding on a name for their restaurant, which promotes Christian values, they were nervous that the name Shooters would insinuate that it was a bar or a strip club.

“I consulted with my Christian friends and everyone said ‘Shooters’ sounded like a bar or a strip joint,” Boebert said. “But I thought, this is Rifle — it was founded around guns and the Old West. We called it Shooters and started throwing guns and Jesus all over the place.”

A lighthearted sign taped outside of the restaurant flaunts their pro-gun stance.

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“Guns are welcome on premises,” reads the sign. “Please keep all weapons holstered unless need arises. In such case, judicious marksmanship is appreciated.”

Boebert says that the restaurant, which is in its second year, is doing extremely well in the small Colorado town of Rifle, and while a lot of hard work was put into it, she has to give “all the glory to God.”

Sources: TheBlaze, Post Independent


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