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Family Research Council Calls For Boycott of Girl Scout Cookies

Today on his daily radio show, Family Research Council president Tony Perkins told listeners to boycott Girl Scout cookies. Perkins says the cookies fund a political agenda which includes Planned Parenthood and "promoting sexual diversity."

He attacked the Girl Scouts for their alleged ties to Planned Parenthood and accepting transgender members. Perkins claims that some of the money from Girl Scout Cookie sales goes to Planned parenthood and/or promotes Planned Parenthood.

However, the Girl Scouts Organization has said in a statement: None of the money earned from any Girl Scout council-sponsored cookie sale is given to any other group” and the group says it “does not take a position on family planning.”

Family Research Council senior fellow Cathy Cleaver Ruse said the group has “been pro-choice for years” and also knocked the Girl Scouts for employing “cross-dressers” and for not discriminating against transgender scouts.


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