Family Receives The Best Photo-Bomb Ever (Video)


One family struck a pose for a photo in Oregon and ended up receiving likely one of the most miraculous photo-bombs of their lives (video below).

Holly and Darren had lost their newborn babies, Jude and Brinly, a year earlier after their 11th fertility treatment, according to Holly’s blog, Oh Baby Baby.

They were now visiting the area with their grieving families to hold a memorial service for their children.

While there, the couple decided to pay Multnomah Falls, Oregon, a quick visit, pausing to quickly pose for a family photo.

What their families did not know is that one of the couple’s friends, Becky, had volunteered to carry some of their remaining biological embryos, and she was now carrying the couple's twins.

“They were just the random frozen embryos in the freezer at OHSU that I would say hi to when we drove by when I was pregnant with Jude and Brinly, but I loved them for the hope I had in them," Holly would recall later on her blog, Oh Baby Baby.

They waited until the surrogate mother carrying the baby was 24 weeks pregnant to share the news.

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“We couldn't [bear] the thought of dragging them through the horrors of the slow week to week to make it to a chance of survival and keeping it a secret helped me cope too,” Holly explained.

When it looked like the birth might be a success, Holly decided to share the news in the most unexpected way.

As the family poses for the photo, a pregnant stranger in a blue top walks over and joins in the group.

The family looks on, confused, until Holly reveals to the family that the random woman was their surrogate, carrying their twins.

When they realized what was happening, the family and couple burst into tears -- and like that, a tragedy turned into a miracle.

“It was one of the most amazing things a human could have done for us,” Holly said, LittleThings reports. “The lady that did it was 46 at the time and refused to take any money from us.”

The surrogate eventually gave birth to the couple’s sons, Noah and Beckom. It was only a few days before the one-year anniversary of the death of one of their children.

“I loved Noah and Beckom before I even knew they existed,” Holly said.

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Sources: Oh Baby Baby,LittleThings / Photo credit: Holly B/YouTube

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