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Family Mourns Dog Shot By Police (Video)

An 8-year-old girl named Jasmine was devastated after Tyson, her family’s 120-pound American bulldog, was shot and killed by Miami-Dade police in Florida.

Homeowner Vivian Lopez told WSVN she wasn’t even sure why the police were in her home. She said that one officer initially told her that they were pursuing car thieves in the area, but that officials have changed their story.

"My dog's body was found right here," she said as she described the incident. "His head was facing this way, and the cops came from this way. They shot him in his chest with a shotgun, right here where the blood stain is still at, and we had to clean up the blood.”

She added: "We have no dog, no answers and dog blood everywhere.”

Jasmine asked her mother why Tyson was gone. "'A cop came in and killed our dog, but why, mommy? He wasn't mean,'" Lopez said, describing how she tried to explain Tyson’s death to her daughter.

The Lopez family said their dog has never been aggressive. "He can never be replaced," Lopez said. “All (Jasmine) wants is something to be done.”

The Miami-Dade Police Department said it is investigating the incident, according to Photography Is Not A Crime. “As any open professional compliance bureau investigation, we do not comment into the matter,” Detective Daniel Ferrin told WSVN.

Sources: Photography Is Not A Crime, WSVN / Photo credit: Screenshot via WSVN


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