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Virginia Man Pulled Over During Funeral Procession, Misses Burial

Several Virginia residents missed the burial of their great grandmother last week because a police officer pulled them over on their way to the burial site. 

Heather Spinner and her husband Ronald were driving to their great grandmother’s funeral last week when they saw flashing lights behind them. Her brother-in-law, R.G. Spinner, was being pulled over.

“My brother-in-law behind us was actually pulled over for running a red light,” Spinner said.

The Spinner’s waved their yellow procession flags at the officer in hopes that he would realize why R.G. Spinner drove through the red light.

"Before the vehicles ever stopped, the yellow signs were being waved out that clearly said 'funeral' in large black print," Heather Spinner told WJLA.

R.G. Spinner told the officer that he was a pallbearer in the funeral and needed to go, but the officer did not seem to care. A ticket was written immediately.

“Next thing I know I heard a lot of yelling and screaming,” Ronald Spinner said. “They were upset.”

The traffic  stop and ensuing arguments took so long that the Spinners missed their great grandmother’s burial altogether.

"We missed the burial,” Heather Spinner said. “I mean, my husband and brother-in-law were pallbearers ... By the time we got to the cemetery, it had already happened. So there's nothing we can do to get that back at this point.”

Ronald Spinner thinks the officer failed to use common sense given the situation.

"I know safety is a concern, but sometimes you can have a little sense of decency, understanding and compassion for the situation," Ronald said. 

The Alexandria Police Department is reviewing the incident. 

Sources: WTOP, WJLA

Photo credit: Heather Spinner via WTOP


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