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'It Was Snow Blinding': Family In Minivan Dragged By Semi-Truck For 30 Minutes

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A Michigan family in a minivan called 911 on Wednesday to report that their car was stuck to a moving semi-truck, according to police.

The call arrived at 1:57 a.m. on Wednesday morning when the Menz family, who was travelling northbound on I-75, reported that they had accidentally rear-ended a semi-truck due to poor visibility in the snow. The truck reportedly had no hazard lights on and was hardly moving when Matthew Menz tried to brake and avoid it.

"The caller's minivan became lodged under the trailer and was being pulled down I-75 unbeknownst to the driver of the semi-truck," a police statement explained.

Pamela Menz, his wife, and the couple’s two children, ages 22 and 26, were also in the car.

Because of the low visibility, the occupants of the car were unable to tell dispatchers where they were exactly.

“It was snow blinding. We ran into the back of a semi-truck and he’s not stopping and our car is embedded underneath of it," Pamela Menz told the dispatcher. “Our windshields have completely shattered. I can’t see nothing.”

At one point, the family believed the truck driver was slowing to get off at the Roscommon exit. Although the dispatcher initially recommended that the family jump out when their vehicle came to a stop, it soon became apparent that determining their location from inside the car was impossible. Eventually, the dispatcher was able to track their GPS coordinates and send an officer to stop the semi-truck.

The family was carried down the road for nearly 30 minutes with no power and no heat. After travelling 16 miles attached to the semi-truck, the Crawford County Sherriff’s Office managed to locate the vehicle just south of Grayling on northbound I-75.

The truck driver slowed when police approached. After pulling into a rest area he was shocked to find that he had been towing a family.

The four occupants of the vehicle were transported by ambulance to Grayling Mercy Hospital, though no serious injuries were reported.

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Sources: ABC News, MLive / Photo Credit: Roscommon County Sherriff's Office


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