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Mom, Aunt and Uncle Arrested After Toddler Drinks Meth

Mom, Aunt and Uncle Arrested After Toddler Drinks Meth Promo Image

Three Utah siblings have been arrested after a 3-year-old girl was hospitalized and tested positive for meth.

The girl's mother, Lucinda Black, 30, and her two siblings, Ashley Black, 27, and Danie Black, 23, were arrested on suspicion of exposing a child to meth, according to KSTU.

Police were notified of the toddler's case after the girl's grandmother brought her to the hospital. The grandmother, who is the girl's legal guardian, told police that two of her children -- the girl's aunt and uncle -- said the girl started behaving "weird" after drinking soda from a water bottle. 

Police questioned the girl's uncle, Danie, and arrested him after he confessed to using meth.

"After reading Danie his Miranda rights and him agreeing to talking to me, he stated that his sisters, Lucinda and Ashley Black, gave him meth and that the bottle belonged to Lucinda or Ashley and that Lucinda and Ashley would always mix him drinks with meth in them," Grantsville police said, according to KSTU. Lucinda is pictured below. 

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Police assumed the water bottle mentioned by Danie was the same bottle the girl drank from before being hospitalized. 

"At some point the soda bottle with the mixed meth was in an area where the child could reach it, the next morning she was with her grandmother and her grandmother reported her acting crazy and erratic," said Officer Alison Peterson, according to KSTU. 

Police then arrested Lucinda and Ashley and brought them in for questioning. During interviews, each of the three siblings reportedly tried to lie to police and incriminate the others while maintaining their own innocence. 

"After talking to all three subjects, they all tried to deceive me and blame it on each other," said Detective Lydon Allred in a police document, reports KUTV. "But I was able to show that Ashley gave the meth to Lucinda and that Lucinda put it in a bottle, which she took to her mother's where the 3-year-old consumed the meth by accident." 

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During his interview, Danie admitted to taking meth in the house while children were at home. According to police, both Ashley (pictured above) and Lucina admitted all three of them were doing meth the night the girl was exposed. 

Both Danie (pictured below) and Lucinda have been charged with child abuse and felony child endangerment. It is unclear if Ashley will face similar charges.

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Readers of the story mostly condemned Lucinda and her siblings for risking the girl's life by using meth while she was home. 

"Pretty sad when you put your needs before your child," said one commenter on WNEP's Facebook page. "Having children you sacrifice yours to take care of them. They all need help..." 

"Obviously the mother should not have had unsupervised visit with the child," said another commenter. "Treat criminals like criminals. Putting them in jail with mandatory drug rehab. Too many people having children that shouldn't and get free benefits to use for drugs."

Sources: KSTU, KUTV, WNEP/Facebook / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: Tooele County Sheriff's Office via KSTU

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