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Family Of Marlon Brown, Killed By Cop Car, Claims Cover Up In Autopsy Findings That Death Was Accidental

The family of a Florida man whose gruesome death under the wheels of a speeding police cruiser was captured on the cop car’s video camera, says that the Volusia County medical examiner covered up the real reason why he died.

The family of Marlon Brown is demanding a new investigation into his death and into the conduct of Medical Examiner Marie Hermann. Brown’s autopsy was performed by Shiping Bao, the same examiner who performed the autopsy on slain teenager Trayvon Martin, in the George Zimmerman murder case.

See the dashboard-cam video of the incident below (warning: disturbing images).

As reported earlier on Opposing Views, the 38-year-old Brown (pictured) fled a traffic stop for a seat-belt violation on May 8. He was chased by three police vehicles. Two stopped when Brown got out of his car to flee on foot but a third, driven by rookie officer James Harris continued.

With Harris at the wheel, the car chased Brown through a vegetable garden. When Brown came to a stop, the car hit and killed him.

Harris was fired soon after. But on September 10, he was cleared of criminal charges by a grand jury that based its decision in part on Hermann’s report.

Hermann’s report ruled that Brown died not from the impact of the vehicle, but because he slipped and fell, then was trapped under the car which came to a stop over him. Stuck under the car, Brown accidentally suffocated, Hermann’s report says.

But Brown’s ex-wife scoffs at the report. The autopsy’s findings, “defy logic, common sense, and seemingly scientific principals,” said Krystal Brown who is a licensed nurse and mother of the deceased man’s two children.

Through their attorney Benjamin Crump, who also represented the Trayvon Martin family, Brown’s family has now sent an official letter to Florida’s Medical Examiner's Commission, the board that monitors conduct of medical examiners throughout the state and metes out discipline for misconduct.

They also sent the letter to Florida Governor Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi. In addition to seeking a new inquiry into Brown’s death, the letter says that Bao originally ruled the death a homicide, but that Hermann intervened and changed the finding to an accidental death.

Contacted by the news agency Reuters, a Volusia County spokesperson simply said, “The autopsy speaks for itself.”

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