Family Of Man Who Gunned Down Officer Defends His Character (Video)


The family of a man who killed a police officer in Indianapolis on Saturday took to his defense this week. Among other things, the family insisted that Major Davis Jr. is not a bad person and that the slain police officer would still be alive if he had not confronted Davis about the semi-automatic rifle he was carrying.

The incident started on Saturday night when Davis was spotted by neighbors brandishing a semi-automatic rifle. The concerned witnesses called 911, and Officer Perry Renn and other Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers were dispatched to look for Davis.

When Officer Renn saw Davis walking with the gun, he got out of his squad car and confronted him. The two men exchanged fire and Renn was killed on the spot.

The murder charge filed against Davis Jr. is far from the first offense he’s been hit with. In 2006, when he was just 16, Davis was charged with reckless driving and crack cocaine possession. In 2007, he was charged again with cocaine possession. The next year, he was charged with drug dealing.

Earlier this week, the Davis family spoke to WISH-TV and defended the man’s character.

“He wasn’t a bad person,” grandmother Pam Moornan said. “His father was killed by IMPD. That’s enough to hurt a person and scar him for life. Major is not a bad person in spite of what happened. Things happen. I don’t know how the police was shooting. I don’t know if they took concern of any kids running around.”

Here is the rest of WISH-TV’s interview with the family:

Sources: WISH-TV, The Indy Channel


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