Family Horrified By Discovery Behind Walls During Home Renovation (Video)

While a Pennsylvania family was doing renovations on their “dream home,” they made a discovery that left them speechless.

Reports say that the Bretzius family bought the house in 2011, and when they did an initial inspection, they didn’t find anything concerning. After starting some renovations, however, the family first discovered four dead animal carcasses inside the wall back in 2012. Since then, they say they’ve removed what seems like an endless amount of items like dead animal bones, half-used spices, and other items wrapped in newspaper from the 1930s and 1940s.

Now, despite initially moving into the house because they didn’t think they’d have to do any work on it, the family has shelled out nearly $20,000 just to remove the items from inside the walls, and reports say they still haven’t come close to getting them all out.

“It has been horrifying because it has completely drained our savings,” Kajia Bretzius told WNEP. “We don’t have the finances or the resources to rip out the tub wall where they’re still there.”

The family still has work to do and says they are trying to raise money to offset their expenses, but in the meantime, the artifacts have been sent to a nearby expert who explained that the reason someone put all these items in the wall was likely to try and heal certain ailments.

Sources: WNEP, KFOR


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