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This 4-Year-Old Girl's Family Is Making A Public Plea

A California family is trying to raise $300,000 for a revolutionary cancer treatment program that could save the life of 4-year-old Desirae Cechin.

In April, Desirae, known as "Desi" to family and friends, was diagnosed with Stage IV high-risk neuroblastoma, a malignant tumor that develops in nerve tissue. It usually effects infants and children, about 650 kids in the U.S. each year.

After Desi's HMO insurance denied her refferal, her parents have taken to the Internet to raise money for treatment at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City.

Three-quarters of high-risk neuroblastoma patients at Sloan Kettering survive surgery and their cancer goes into remission. About 60 percent of them are long-term survivors 10 years later.

“So half our patients are cured,” Dr. Michael La Quaglia told the New York Daily News.

Survival rate for children with this cancer who are not treated at Sloan Kettering is closer to 40 percent at five years.

Desi's parents say they will do anything to get her the care she desperately needs.

“We have to get her there. I will sell a kidney, sell everything I own and declare bankruptcy if I have to,” said her mother Laura Palada.

"I've lost a child before," added Palada. "You're a different person, you're never the same after that."

“I want to go on an airplane and play with my toys and get better,” Desi told the Daily News on Monday.

Desi's family started a You Caring page called “Believing for Desi,” which has raised about $12,900 so far.

There’s also a Go Fund Me page called “Believing For Desi” which has raised $13,200.

Sources: New York Daily News, KESQ


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