Family Lets Boy Go To Bathroom At The Table, Follows It Up With Bizarre Request


A family of wealthy Chinese tourists visiting Taiwan is being shamed for letting their three-year-old child urinate in a bottle at a restaurant table. When some of the child’s urine splashed onto their food (you read that correctly), the family demanded their food be replaced for free. Not surprisingly, the demand was denied.

Surrounding patrons at famous dumpling restaurant Din Tai Fung were allegedly “dumbfounded” when they looked over and saw the child urinating. According to the Taipei Times, the family’s server scolded the family and said the child needed to use a nearby restroom.

“I got it, I got it,” the mother allegedly said. A tour guide escorting the family around the country reportedly apologized repeatedly to the restaurant’s staff while shaming the mother for letting her son pee at the table.

As you’d expect, nearby customers were grossed out by the ordeal. To make matters worse, the stench from the urine supposedly lingered in the dining the area for a while. A spokesperson for the restaurant says the affected area was thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Source: Taipei Times

Photo credit: Taste Buds To ShareFlickr


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