Family Claims Their Home Is Haunted By Past Murder-Suicide


A Utah family says they are leaving their haunted West Valley City home claiming they had no idea they were moving into a home where Susan Powell once lived.

Mother Joanna Aeosana is now fighting with the rental company to be released from her lease on the home where the now deceased Powell family once resided.

“I hear people crying when I'm showering,” Aeosana told 2News.

In December 2009, 28-year-old Susan Powell disappeared without a trace. Three years later her husband Josh Powell killed their two young sons in a Washington house fire and took his own life.

Aosana says she rented the home from American Homes 4 Rent two months ago without knowing about the Powell murder-suicide.

She says she feels like someone is watching her from the windows of her home.

The garage door mysteriously opens and closes on its own.

She says she found her 1-year-old son talking to an empty swing in the front yard telling it, “No, no, leave me alone.”

She claims a neighbor finally revealed to her the history of the home.

Real estate agencies are not legally required to disclose crime history to potential renters, but Aeosana believes otherwise.

“I believe they should of, they should have told me,” she said. “I just don't want to be in there.”

Either way, she says she’s leaving and will never return to the home.

The house is currently owned by a trust while the Powell estate is still being sorted.

American Homes 4 Rent did not return phone calls for comment from KUTV.

Sources: Daily Mail, KUTV

Image screenshot: KUTV, Google Maps


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