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Family Leaves After Child Locked In Hotel Safe

After a baby somehow ended up locked in a hotel safe, Canadian police are looking for the child’s parents, reports the Daily Mail.

The family of three had been staying at the Howard Johnson Hotel in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, when, on Aug. 18, hotel staff received an urgent and frantic call from the couple that their baby was trapped in a room safe.

A maintenance worker came to the rescue and freed the small infant after about 20 minutes. The child, who police believe to be less than 1 year old, was described as “alert and crying,” according to the Daily Mail.

The hotel safe measured around 20 inches wide, 14 inches tall and 17 inches deep.

After the incident, the family, thought to be from Brooklyn, New York, quickly packed up their belongings and checked out of the hotel. The hotel had called the police to further investigate the scene, but the couple and child were gone by the time officials arrived — just an hour after the child was freed.

"They were quite distraught and brought the cleaning staff back to the hotel room," Police Sgt. Scott Kraushar told The Daily Courier. “Unfortunately there was a delay in contacting police, and we're not thinking that they were trying to run, they just checked out during that time."

"We do want to speak with them just to answer some of our questions," Kraushar said.

Officials explained they want to talk to the couple to find out why and how the baby became locked in the safe in the first place.

"At this point it could be a preventable accident," Niagara Regional Police Detective Amanda Sanders explained to NBC4. "But that's why we want to reach the family, to find out what happened and make sure the baby is OK."

Police believe the couple crossed the U.S.-Canada border in a van with New Jersey plates.

"We have been in contact with our U.S. counterparts and they have flagged the vehicle on their side as well," Kraushar said.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Daily Courier, NBC4 / Photo credit: Screenshot via Daily Mail


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