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Family of Houston Teen Johran McCormick, Allegedly Shot and Killed By Girlfriend's Father, Wants Girlfriend to Share Blame

The family of a teenage boy who was allegedly shot and killed by his girlfriend’s father when discovered in her bedroom wants the girlfriend to take responsibility for helping bring on his death.

17-year-old Johran McCormick was cuddling with his 16-year-old girlfriend in her Houston home when the girl’s younger brother saw two extra feet sticking out of her bed, KHOU reports. He told his father, who came into the room and discovered McCormick, whom his daughter had snuck in.

The father reportedly grabbed his gun and entered his daughter’s room. When he began questioning the couple, his daughter apparently claimed she did not know McCormick. He and McCormick argued and then, the man claims, the teen dropped his hands as if to grab something, at which point the girl's father allegedly opened fire.

McCormick died at the scene.

Zakia McCormick, the victim’s distraught mother, stood outside the house Wednesday morning with a group of supporters led by community activist Quanell X, demanding justice. They want the girl to be held accountable for the lie that helped lead to McCormick’s death.

On the legal side, they are demanding that Houston District Attorney Devon Anderson motion to file one or two counts of accessory to murder or involuntary manslaughter against the teenage girl.

The teen’s mother also wants charges filed against the man who fired the fatal shots.

"If you take a life, you give your life," Zakia McCormick told the Houston Chronicle through tears. "We're suffering. Why isn't he suffering, too?"

But lawyers say that murder charges against the father are unlikely.

“If it's perceived that there is a 'stranger' in his home, there could be a viable claim of self-defense or defense of others," said Todd Dupont, president of the Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association.

Sources: KHOUHouston Chronicle


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