Family Horrified To Find Black, Foul Smelling Water Coming From Faucets (Photos)


A family in Gardena, California was shocked when they discovered black, foul smelling water coming from faucets throughout their home.

Diane Morita said she and a neighbor both discovered the discolored water running from various places in their homes. The water ran from Morita’s bathroom sink faucet and toilet.

“It’s disgusting,” Morita said. “It looks like there’s charcoal in the water.” Morita’s daughter allegedly developed a rash from drinking the water, causing concern for her children’s safety.

“We have one dog with cancer … one of my daughters has skin issues.”

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Kate Nutting, representative for the Golden State Water Company, maintained that despite its odor and color, the water was safe to use.

“I understand the customer’s concern,” Nutting said. “We also are concerned about delivering discolored water to a customer.” She said they take weekly samples of the water, which determined that it was safe to drink.

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Nutting said that Morita was the only complaint the company received regarding the water, but several other neighbors claimed to have discovered the same issues with their water. One neighbor reported their child developing skin rashes from the water.

Another neighbor described the water as “light brown, gooey, gobby, spiderweb stuff.”

Sources: KTLA, Daily Mail/ Photo Credit:


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