Family Gets Discount at Restaurant for "Well Behaved Children"

One couple from Washington was surprised and happy to find that their server gave them a discount for having “well behaved kids.”

Laura King, her husband, and three kids went to an Italian restaurant to have dinner on Friday.

The children, aged two, three, and eight ate food and discussed racecars, zebra jokes and other topics while they feasted on pizza, pasta and mushroom ragu.

“They were just being their normal selves,” King said. “Our server came to our table and just really thanked us for having exceptionally behaved children.”

When they finished their meals, the server brought them a bowl of ice cream to share and gave them the tab. The tab was discounted by $4 for “Well Behaved Kids.”

“A pleasant surprise after a lovely meal,” King wrote on her blog. The image of the receipt became a hit on Reddit.

Sogno di Vino is owned by Rob Scott, who said he offers free desserts to families who have well-behaved children.  

But Scott had never given a family a discount before.

Scott said the children said “please” and “thank you” and stayed in their seats for the duration of the meal.

“Sogno di Vino means ‘to dream of wine,’” he said. “It doesn’t mean Chuck E. Cheese. We love Chuck E. Cheese, they do a great job. That’s why you go to Chuck E. Cheese, so the kids can play.”

King said she always teaches her children good manners, especially when they are at a restaurant. She knows the frustration rowdy children can cause at restaurants, as she used to work in one.

“We eat most of our meals as a family around our kitchen table,” she said. “It is one of the ways we come together throughout our week to talk about our lives, to catch up and to share our love.”

“Our kids are also encouraged to pick up on general etiquette at the table. That same etiquette occurs when we’re out at dinner.”

She said the discount was a pleasant surprise, but they don’t expect it everywhere they go.

“We don’t expect handouts for acting respectful of the folks who bring us our food. But it certainly makes you feel good when someone else notices your kids in a positive light,” she said.

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