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Family Friend Makes 12-Year-Old Boy Hold Sign for Cussing at Teacher

After cursing at his teachers on several occasions, a 12-year-old Texas boy named Dylan was punished by being forced to stand at a busy intersection with a sign explaining his circumstances.

“I was suspended from school for cussing out my teacher,” the sign reads.

A close family friend, Rachel Macha, came up with the idea after she said the boy’s mother had exhausted all other forms of punishment. Grounding him and taking things away had not been successful in altering Dylan’s behavior.

“He cursed at a couple of his teachers on two separate occasions and was suspended from school today,” Macha said. “He wasn’t raised to speak that way.”

With the consent of Dylan’s mother, Macha designed the sign and made the boy stand at the intersection holding it.

Whether the sign has had an impact on Dylan is unclear, though it certainly impacted people driving by.

Barbara Perales, a passerby, noted that it could be good for children to see. Her 12-year-old son, however, called the act crazy.

Marcha hopes the exercise will help Dylan grow as a person, and added that if he can talk like a man he should take his punishment like a man.

Sources: KHOU, Yahoo


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