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Family Friend Helps Couple Welcome New Baby A Year After Killing Their Toddler

A Tenino, Washington, family welcomed a newborn daughter, side by side with a family friend just a year after that friend killed one of their children.

On September 16, 2014, Brynn Johnson's friend Cassie Miller accidentally ran over Johnson's 17-month-old daughter, Rowyn, the Daily Mail reports.

"I thought Rowyn was on the porch as I pulled out of the drive," Miller, 32, told the Daily Mail in an exclusive interview that was published on Oct. 22. She was taking her and Johnson's sons to school.

"But suddenly I felt a thump and both boys said, 'What was that?'" she added. "I will never forget looking out of the rear view window and seeing Rowyn's lifeless body lying in the driveway."

There was reportedly blood everywhere. While awaiting emergency response, Miller began CPR on Rowyn, but it was too late.

"The ambulance came and while they tried their best, Brynn and I sunk to our knees and prayed together in the grass," Miller said. "We were praying for a miracle."

Unfortunately, that miracle never came, and medical officials said Rowyn died instantly.

"I was in shock and could not believe what had happened," said Miller. "Every single day I struggle with what I did and the guilt is overwhelming."

Johnson, 32, was heartbroken, but never blamed her friend for the tragedy. The pair's friendship grew while the family grieved.

"[Rowyn] was the light of everybody's life and she touched every single person that she met," Johnson told KING 5.

"She's always been our little angel, and I have always called her that," she added.

On Oct. 15,  Johnson gave birth to a daughter, Mynrow. The name was reportedly chosen by Johnson because it is a near-anagram of her deceased daughter's name. Miller was one of the first people to hold her.

"Each day since Mynrow has been born, my heart feels just a little bit better," Johnson told the Daily Mail. "I still miss my Rowyn so so much, but I know in my heart Rowyn had a huge part in sending us the perfect little baby for our family," she added.

"I feel like we have our own personal guardian angel and it brings me comfort knowing that she will do everything she can to keep our family safe from above."

Sources: Daily Mail, KING 5
Photo Credit: Facebook via Daily Mail, KING 5


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