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A Family Found This In The Doorway Of Their New Home (Photo)

A photo of a large huntsman spider clinging onto the doorway of an Australian home has Reddit users freaking out.

The photo was posted on Dec. 15. It shows a huntsman spider that appears to have flattened itself out to avoid being detected by predators, the Daily Mail reported.

While some users described the spider as a “terrifying door stopper,” others referred to it as “your furry friend who’s fun to be with” because it “eats other spiders.”

For some viewers, the photo sparked nostalgia for their time in Australia.

“I remember, as a naive backpacker, harassing one of these with a mate,” wrote one user. “I've never seen a spider move so fast as it came straight at us, f------ terrifying.”

Still, other users expressed their admiration for the spider, calling it “gorgeous.”

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(Giant Huntsman Spider hiding in door frame. Photo Credit: Reddit)

“She's just chillin' makin' sure no creepy crawlies get into your home,” wrote another user. “She's a beaut.”

Another Reddit user was not so convinced.

“So it's now time to take your prized possessions and leave the house,” the user wrote. “Your home now belongs to the spider. If you stay, this spider has now become your new overlord.”

Others commented on the spider’s size, particularly making note of its thick legs.

“It didn't skip leg day,” one user observed.

While huntsman spiders are not venomous, their size can be intimidating. Australian Museum notes that their leg span can reach around 6 inches. A spider expert from the Australian Reptile Park confirmed that the spider in the photo is indeed a huntsman, reports Daily Mail.


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