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Family Forgets To Pay For Their Meal, Publicly Shamed On Restaurant's Facebook Page (Photo)

A restaurant chain caused quite a stir on social media after posting a CCTV photo on Facebook of a family it claims left without paying the bill.

"To this family that walked out tonight without paying their bill, we are sure this was just a 'mistake' and you completely forgot, so out of the goodness of your heart please call the restaurant tomorrow to pay the bill. Thanks,” the restaurant, Burger & Lobster, wrote on its Facebook page, according to the Daily Mirror.

The branch, located in Cardiff, Wales, later took the photo down but not before more than 600 people commented on the post.

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(via the Daily Mail)

Some Facebook users were outraged, writing, “I don’t like the way in which you operate and puts me off ever coming into your establishment! Disgusting!”

“Disgraceful action by the restaurant, they have given this family little time to make amends before trying to publicly shame them on social media,” another user wrote.

However, a number of commenters sided with the restaurant saying it was right to shame the four customers.

Whether you agree with Burger & Lobster’s actions or not, its tactic worked. A spokesman for the restaurant told the Daily Mail that the family had now settled the tab for their meal, which is thought to have cost in the region of £80 (about $125).

“It wasn't done with the purpose of naming and shaming anyone as we are well aware that these things happen,” the spokesman said. “As a company we take our social media policy seriously - it was posted at a local level and has now been removed. We have taken the decision to donate the money from the bill payment to the charity Safer Wales.”

Sources: Daily MirrorDaily Mail / Photo Credit: Mack Male, Ewan Munro/Flickr Creative Commons


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