Family Of Five Mysteriously Found Dead In Utah Home

A Utah couple and their three children were found dead in the Springville home Saturday night and investigators still aren’t sure what killed them.

Police responded to a call from a concerned relative on Saturday and found the couple and their three children dead in the home, which was part of a duplex.

The names of the deceased have not yet been released. The couple was ages 36 and 37. Their sons were 14 and 11, and a girl was 12.

“Right now there’s no known cause of death,” Springville Lt. Dave Caron told the Salt Lake Tribune. “There’s nothing obvious.”

Firefighters checked the home for carbon monoxide, but said it’s possible the gas already dissipated by the time the air was tested.

Residents in the other half of the duplex were unharmed.

While the cause of death was not immediately apparent to authorities, they said they don’t believe there is any danger to the community.

Sources: Daily Mail, Salt Lake Tribune

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons / West Midlands Police


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