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Family of Firefighter who Died in 'Black Sunday' Fire Haunted by 'Demons'

A widow of a Bronx firefighter who died in the "Black Sunday" fire in 2005 is now sharing a ghostly tale on a "Paranormal Witness" episode.

Jeanette Meyran, 53, said she moved herself and her daughters to a bungalow in St. James, N.Y. to escape the press after her husband Lt. Curtis Meyran's death. While the family escaped the pestering of the media, their troubles did not disappear, as the bungalow they moved into was haunted.

"In your wildest dreams, did you ever think rebuilding a home would cause such devastation?" she asked on the episode. 

She purchased the house and was excited to start out fresh. 

"I said maybe we should find some small place where we could maybe escae from this, away from the city, away from the cameras, and hopefully they'll find some peace," she said. "We just wanted to be left alone. I began to see this was a new way to give them a new life."

They began renovating the home which sat on an acre of Suffolk County forest. They installed cameras to ward off looters.

It was the camera that captured the first instance of paranormal activity.

"Right in the middle of the frame I saw what appeared to be a man," she said. "It made no sense."

And it only got worse from there. In 2007, the daughters began hearing weird noises from the house.

"It's new to us, we have to learn the sounds of the house," she said to her children.

Then, the noises became louder and things started falling apart.

"My mom had left me alone in the house. She had given me instructions when she left that she wanted to clean up," daughter Angela said. "And I just remember feeling like I wasn't alone. I looked back behind me a couple of times and there was nobody there. I couldn't shake this feeling of having somebody watching me and it was really starting to bother me."

When her mother came home, she saw that the kitchen was destroyed.

"The place looked like it had been ransacked," she said. "Was somebody trying to hurt us? Was somebody physically here?"

After hiring priests and psychic mediums, they were able to cleanse the house.

"It was like a battle. I heard chanting, I heard screaming," Meyran said. 

Now, they clean it regularly every three months. 

"I see my dad in this house walking through the hallways checking on us. It's nice to know he's watching," daughter Angela said.

Sources: Daily Mail,NY Post


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