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Family Finds Time Capsule Hidden Inside Wall Since 1978 (Video)

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A family in Fontana, California was renovating their home when they found something unexpected tucked inside of a wall.

Greg Sandoval said he was working away when he noticed a small plastic bag in the wall, which had been torn apart for the renovations. When he opened the bag, he discovered coins, a coupon for McDonald’s and a few newspaper clippings that were dated 1978.

The miniature time capsule also included a note from then 12-year-old boy.

“Hello to whoever finds this. My name is Robert Wright. Today my dad is putting up paneling. Today is November 18th, 1978, 15 till 12:00 noon,” the note read. “I’m 12 years old and a student at Fontana Jr. High, 7th grade. I am 5’3, blond hair, hazel eyes. Here is proof of the date. Robert Wright.”

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Sandoval said the surprising discovery was originally made several years ago, and he attempted numerous times to track down the boy and the house’s former owners to no avail. He’s kept the time capsule all this time, he says, because of just how cool it was to find such a thing.

“I thought it was really cool because, I mean, not a lot of people do that,” Sandoval said. “It's one of those things that, what are the chances of tearing down one section of the house and finding something like that?”

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