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Family Finds Remains Of Son At Car Crash Site (Video)

The family of a man killed in a car crash said they discovered his remains at the crash site, and are now demanding answers from the coroner (video below).

On Aug. 8, Jared McPherson, of Bethalto, Illinois, was driving with co-worker Brian Lee Hubbs when their truck went off the road and hit a tree, before bursting into flames.

"I got a phone call," McPherson's father, Mike, said. "I said 'who is this?' and he said 'Well first of all everything's fine.'"

Despite being assured that everything was OK, McPherson didn't survive the accident. His father was later informed of his death by the coroner's office. 

"We were told there was absolutely nothing left of my brother. Me and his fiancee, Candice, we just wanted to be where he was ... the last time he was alive," McPherson's sister, Karissa, said. 

When the family subsequently visited the site of the crash, they made a disturbing discovery.

"I looked down and Candice was holding part of a skull and I picked up a hand," she said. The young man's father soon began demanding answers from the coroner's office, and was told that the remains might have been left behind after the fire was extinguished.

Now, Mike McPherson said, the office won't even return his phone calls and have not determined what they'll do with his son's remains.

"I just hope no one else has to ever feel what we felt or see what we saw," Karissa said. 

"When they take down that tape, it's their job to take care of the site and they did not do their job," Mike added.

The McPherson family reportedly hired a lawyer and is considering pursuing legal action against the coroner's office.

Sources: USA Today, YouTube / Photo credit: Family photo via USA Today


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