Family Finds Over 100 Snakes Setting Up Camp In Their House


Saskatchewan, Canada, wildlife workers pulled over 100 snakes out of a family's house over the last week. The family first discovered a few garter snakes in their basement, but the serpents began popping up in rooms, blankets and closets soon after.

“We were finding them basically anywhere – in the cracks of the stone foundation, under the floor, under some boxes and other things – and we just were picking them up in pillow cases and putting them into a bucket just to count them,” Salthaven West Wildlife Rehab worker Megan Lawrence told CNN.

Royal Saskatchewan Museum scientist Ray Poulin says the snakes migrated into the house because temperatures are rapidly dropping in the region. Poulin says it’s likely the family has foundation openings on the ground and basement levels of their house.

“Usually the snakes at this time are going down, right? So they’re coming up to your house and going straight down one of the cracks in the soil around your house and finding a way in that way usually,” Poulin says.

Lawrence and fellow West Wildlife workers bagged 102 snakes in total by the time they were done searching the house. All of the snakes will be released into the wild soon so that they can begin their winter hibernation. 

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Sources: CNN, Fox 13 Now


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