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Family Finds Machete-Carrying Intruder In Home During The Holidays

 A Utah family found a machete-carrying man staying in their home Dec. 26 while they were away.

Scott Thomson, 25, was arrested for breaking into the house, stealing, and attempting to attack one of the homeowners, the Daily Mail reports.  

The family had been living in a motel after their house was damaged from a Dec. 18 fire. They returned to check up on the home when they heard strange sounds.

While trying to track down the source of the noise, the female homeowner and her mother found Thomson walking out of the house.

“When [my wife] walked out, he was hiding behind the garage and he come running at her with a machete,” the male homeowner said.

Thomson reportedly stole the machete from the house and may have even taken their car.

KUTV reports the vehicle was missing from the driveway when the family came home.

"He had my son's karate belt. I mean, it makes no sense. Who would take a kid's karate belt?!" said the male homeowner. "My father-in-law is deceased, and my wife has some of his stuff missing that she wasn't able to recover. That's some of the stuff that she'll never be able to get back."

Police also found heroin, a needle and a knife. Thomson confirmed he had been taking meth the day he threatened the family. 

Coincidentally, this is not the first crime involving a machete in Utah this month, reports Good4Utah.

A road rage incident nearly turned deadly after a man attempted to behead another driver with a machete Dec. 9.

"As soon as I got up to his door, he pulled out a machete," said victim Jason Harper. "I’d seen it long enough to barely duck and he got me right on my cheek."

"He was going for my neck," Harper added. "If he was any lower I would have hit an artery and he would have cut my head off."

Police are still looking for the suspect involved in this attack.

Sources: The Daily Mail, KUTV and Good4Utah/Photo Credit: KUTV

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