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Family Finds Box Of Medical Waste On Porch

The Roberts family of Albuquerque, New Mexico, received a disgusting surprise delivery — a UPS box that appeared to be leaking blood.

Although it seems like a compelling introduction to a TV crime show, the box was apparently supposed to go to a medical waste processing facility in Texas, KOAT reported. How it wound up redirected and addressed to Natalie Roberts’ home is still unknown. 

Roberts’ son brought the box into the house and her daughter touched it. "I was very concerned my kids were exposed to blood-borne pathogens, HIV, who knows what could be in that box?" Roberts said.

The medical waste company, Oncore Technology, and UPS are investigating how this happened. Oncore’s CEO admitted the box shouldn’t have been delivered to any home. According to Ocore’s website, the company destroys medical waste at its facilities and the company is based in Grand Prairie, Texas.

The Roberts family cleaned the porch with bleach.

Sources: Oncore, KOAT / Photo credit: KOAT


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