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JetBlue Flight Attendant Allegedly Kicks Family Off Flight, Calls Them 'Animals'

A family of nine was reportedly escorted off a JetBlue flight after a flight attendant claimed they were acting like animals.

Keren Kimchy and her family, which included five adults and four children under the age of 4, were on a flight to the Dominican Republic from New York on Oct. 27 when the incident occurred, ABC News reports.

A flight attendant first confronted Kimchy's brother-in-law as he was attempting to place a bag in the overhead compartment, Kimchy wrote in a Facebook post Oct. 27. She added that this was her first vacation since having her two children, and the whole family was excited.

“As we were setting down all our stuff in the overhead bins, she had asked my brother in law, with an attitude, if he could move out of the way that other passengers could go through,” Kimchy wrote. “His responds ‘ok, could I just put my bags down.’ Immediately, she started shouting very loudly ‘this is my plan, this is my show, are we going to have a problem, if so I could move you to the next flight with no problem!’”

The attendant returned later and reportedly continued harassing the family for no reason. Finally, she claimed that the entire family was unfit to fly because of their behavior and had them escorted off the plane by police officers.

“I don’t think my four-year-old daughter needed to hear in the tunnel over the loud speaker a flight attendant saying now that we got the animals off we could continue our flight,” Kimchy added.

The flight attendant also left the plane, reportedly so that she could file a police report.

Kimchy noted that she’ll never fly JetBlue again.

In a statement to ABC News, JetBlue explained that removing passengers from a flight is not a decision the company takes lightly. The removal is only performed if a passenger is clearly a threat to safety. 

Kimchy also spoke to ABC News, and she said that the family planned to fly to the Dominican Republic on Oct. 28, since the airline refused to book them on any flight on Oct. 27.

Sources: ABC News, Keren Ashkenazi Kimchy/Facebook

Photo Credit: Facebook, John Murphy/Flickr


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