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Family Of Eight Loses All Of Its Belongings After Thieves Steal The Moving Truck

A family of eight moving to Modesto, California, from Orange County, California, was robbed of all of its belongings. 

Two thieves stole the family’s U-Haul truck out of the driveway in Modesto the day after the family arrived from Southern California. “It took them four minutes to get into my U-Haul, hot wire it, and pull out,” Rosalia Bermudez told Fox 40. “I woke up at 8 in the morning and I noticed that when I looked at my surveillance camera, my truck was gone.”

Bermudez moved to Modesto with her husband and their five children, and they had planned to unpack that morning. “[Most important were the] pictures, baby pictures that I can’t get back,” Bermudez said.

Lori Kaehele, a family friend, is trying to collect donations for the family — all five children were planning to start school today. “They have only the clothes that they’re wearing. They don’t have backpacks, they don’t have school supplies. Everything is gone. They don’t even have blankets, or beds or pillows,” Kaehele said.

“Her husband who does handy man work, lost every single one of his tools which means he can’t work until he replaces them all,” she added. 

The family’s insurance will not cover their losses. “I’m begging if anybody saw anything please come forward and let us know,” Bermudez said. 

An update from the family's donation page on Facebook reported that the U-Haul truck was found in Oakland, California, completely stripped of its contents. 

Source: Fox 40, Facebook

Image: Screen Capture via Fox 40


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