Grieving Mother Thanks Applebee's In Letter

A grieving mother sent a letter to Applebee's to thank them for the way several staff members treated her and her husband after the death of their daughter.

The couple stopped in for something to eat at a restaurant in Summersville, West Virginia, just a day after the 6-month-old girl died from an unknown illness, according to Babble.

It had been "the worst 3 days of our lives," the mother wrote in the letter.

She explained that she was about to lose her composure when she entered the restaurant, so she went to the bathroom.

“One of your managers just happened to be in there," the mother wrote, according to Babble. "She asked if I was alright and patiently let me spill my soul to her. She let me cry to her and tried to comfort me. She made me feel better enough to return to my seat.”

They ate their meals, but when they asked for the check, the restaurant staff handed them a note saying their lunch had been covered. The bartender asked if she could give them a hug.

“I wanted to thank all of them from the bottom of my heart,” she wrote. “It’s such a small gesture that brought much needed light to a period of profound darkness in our lives. Their compassion will never be forgotten.”

The post, on the Facebook page Love What Matters, has secured over 5,000 likes and has been shared at least 500 times.

Source: Babble / Photo credit: Anthony92931/Wikimedia Commons

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