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Family Puts Dead Mom's Body in Van with 35 Animals, Drives 120 Miles (Video)

The family of Lola Mae Stout recently placed her dead body inside a van full of animals and bugs, and then drove 120 miles across Arizona.

According to My Fox Phoenix, police found 12 dogs, 22 cats, 1 pigeon, cockroaches, feces and Stout's body inside the family van (video below).

Lola Mae’s husband, Alva Stout, and her two sons, Alan and Gregory Stout, gave different stories about the odd incident.

Alan Stout said his dear mother had been alive when they stopped in Quartzsite, Arizona, but before they got back on the road, she collapsed and died.

The family put her body in the van and drove to Phoenix, 120 miles away.

“We got on scene and it’s not uncommon for our EMTs to respond to hoarding cases in a home,” Arizona Humane Society spokesperson Bretta Nelson told My Fox Phoenix. “What made this so different was the fact that it was a van filled with dozens and dozens of animals, people, feces, debris, cockroaches, spiders, just something we haven’t seen to that scope in a very very long time.”

Alva, Alan and Gregory Stout were all charged with animal abuse, but there could be more charges in the future.

Source: My Fox Phoenix


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