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Family Drives 90 Miles Away Before Realizing Daughter Left At Rest Stop

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A French couple were driving along when they suddenly realized they had left their 3-year-old daughter behind at a rest stop almost two hours before.

The parents, who are unnamed, did not notice their daughter was missing for a while after driving away from the rest stop.

In the car with the couple were their other two children who also did not notice that the girl was missing.

“Another family was at the rest stop and noticed the girl was alone for a while,” deputy prefect of Die, France, Clara Thomas, told reporters on French television. “They took care of her and called the police to let them know.”

“Daddy’s car drove away,” the 3-year-old girl said.

She was able to describe the family’s vehicle to law enforcement officials, reports Daily Mail.

After driving more than 90 miles away from the rest stop, the couple heard a radio message from the police informing them of the situation.

“They were obviously traumatized,” said Thomas. She went on to say that the couple had “no previously reported problems” with the law.

They were eventually reunited with their daughter at the police station, ABC reports.

Officials say they will investigate the matter and will consult a prosecutor to see if more action is needed.

Source: ABC, Daily Mail / Photo credit: ABC


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