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Florida Cops Accused Of Being Hours Late To 911 Call, Killing The Caller's Dog

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A Florida woman is upset after she called law enforcement officials on Sunday, only to have them arrive hours later, kick in her door, and fatally shoot her dog.

Deborah Jones called Orange County deputies, who then kicked in her door and shot her dog, Itcygo.

“They had to shoot my dog for no reason,” Jones told WFTV. “They kicked my door in. I can’t even lock my door.”

She had called the police for help earlier that day after she and her boyfriend got into an argument, according to WFTV. Authorities arrived hours later after she had already left the home. According to a public information officer, officials forced their way into the house before gunning down the dog for charging at them.

When Jones returned, she discovered what had happened.

“My dog was right here dead,” she said. “They wrapped him up with a blanket.”

“That’s his house,” Kita Williams, Jones’s daughter, told WFTV. “This is his house. He’s got to protect this house.”

Neighbors had to inform Jones of what had occurred since no one besides Itchygo had been home.

According to the neighbors, the deputies had been informed that no one was home but they chose to enter the house anyway.

“If three neighbors are telling the officers no one’s here,” Williams said, “that don’t give you proper cause to continue coming in.”

The deputies said that they had to respond urgently due to the fact that they never got a call to cancel their response.

Source: WFTV, Alternet

Photo Credit: WFTV, 10-42Adam/Flickr


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