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Family Discovers Their Nanny Cam Is Being Broadcast On The Web

Parents in Rochester, Minnesota, heard music coming from their child’s bedroom, but they couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.

"We were sleeping in bed and basically heard some music coming from the nursery, but then when we went into the room, the music turned off," the mother told KTTC.

"We were able to track down the IP address through the Foscam software, and found out that it was coming from Amsterdam," she continued. "That IP had a web link attached to it."

The family discovered thousands of pictures from “nanny cams” on the website.

"There's at least 15 different countries listed, and it's not just nurseries -- it's people's living rooms, their bedrooms, their kitchens," the mother said. "Every place that people think is sacred and private in their home is being accessed.”

And it gets worse: The family learned that hackers can not only watch people but also control the cameras.

"We faced [our camera] toward the wall, and then a few hours later we accessed the Foscam, and it wasn't facing the wall; it was facing the closet," the mother said.

Needless to say, the family was stunned.

"This isn't just [happening in] Rochester, Minnesota," the mother said. "You can literally just sort by whatever country suits your fancy, and whatever room suits your fancy. It's pretty sick."

The family has taken down their cameras, and they urge other families to make sure their cameras are protected with difficult passwords.

Source: KTTC / Image via KTTC


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