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Homeowners Find Human Skeleton In Their New Home

Homeowners in Houston were shocked to discover a human skeleton inside the walls of the home they were moving in to.

The new homeowners were reportedly moving in to the $400,000 house when they found the skeletal remains. They said that they moved a loose board in a wall of the home, revealing a hole where they could see a pile of bones, according to KHOU.

The homeowners contacted police, who opened up the wall to find the rest of the skeleton, along with tattered clothes and a pair of red glasses.

According to neighbors, the home's previous owner, Mary Cerruti, went missing two years ago. A medical examiner is in the process of identifying the bones to see if they belong to Cerruti.

Since Cerruti's disappearance, neighbors have reportedly debated what happened to the 61-year-old. Some have speculated that Cerruti may have been murdered, while others said that she may have sold her home to a nearby luxury apartment complex and left, according to Newser.

Cerruti had reportedly stopped paying her mortgage around the time of her sudden disappearance.

The skeleton's identity has yet to be confirmed, and Houston police say that they haven't ruled out the possibility that someone may have tripped and fallen from the attic into the space behind the wall.

Houston Police Detective Jason Fay said the new homeowners were "a little worried because they have a body in the house," the Houston Chronicle reports.

"Was it someone who was killed and stuffed in the wall, or did they accidentally pass away by ending up in the wall?" Fay mused.

Neighbor Mark DeBoer said the home had been abandoned since he moved to the neighborhood a few years ago. He recalled the lawn being overgrown and a "for sale" sign in front.

"That sort of thing is supposed to go on the seller's disclosure," DeBoer said of Cerruti's disappearance.

In a similar, eerie story from 2011, a family made a disturbing discovery of bones, embalming fluid and photos of corpses in the attic of the home in Knightstown, Indiana, they had just moved into.

Patricia and Richard Booher initially thought the boxes left in the attic were "knickknacks or some old dishes."

But when Richard began to open the boxes, he found embalming fluid, along with knives, scalpels and other medical equipment. The couple also found pictures of corpses being worked on with the tools, along with bones that investigators later determined to be human.

The couple also found a skeleton, which medical examiners determined was a model used for educational purposes. The couple later discovered a previous tenant had worked at a funeral home.

"Look at them from the standpoint of an individual who is keeping a portfolio of his work," said Knightstown Police Officer Anthony Lorton. "To the everyday person, they are going to be disturbing to look at, but for a person trying to get a job at a funeral home, they are examples of his work."

"Is it creepy? Yes," said Lorton. "Criminal? No."

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