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Family Discovers Racial Slur Inside Box From Pizza Hut (Video)

An Arkansas family was horrified to discover racial slurs written inside of a pizza box after receiving an order from a Pizza Hut restaurant.

The Huffington Post reports 19-year-olds Brian Reed and Somante Wallace ordered pizza from the restaurant in Bryant, Arkansas, over the weekend, and after going to pick up their second pizza of the day from the establishment. They were shocked to discover racial slus, a swastika and KKK all written inside (video below).

“Speechless really… to know that someone would even do this,” Wallace’s mother Sierrna Harris told THV11 News. “Why…what is the reason behind this?”

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Harris quickly contacted Pizza Hut to report the find, and shortly after, the restaurant released a statement confirming that the employees had been fired.

“The actions of the employees involved are inexcusable and have resulted in their termination,” Pizza Hut said in a statement. “We have a zero tolerance policy for this type of behavior and regularly train our employees to treat everyone fairly, equally and with respect. As soon as the local franchise owner found out about this he contacted the customer and apologized. We extend that sincere apology to everyone who was offended by this ignorant act.”

The identities of the employees responsible for the writing have not been released.

Sources: THV11 News, The Huffington Post

Photo Source: THV11 News


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